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MKZip for SharePoint - Benefits

There are numerous technical and financial benefits attached to reducing the size of the files uploaded to your SharePoint servers:




SharePoint SQL Database Volume Reduction

Files (Microsoft Office documents, image files etc.) represent a significant part of the data stored in your SharePoint server SQL databases (as per Microsoft estimate, more than 80%).

By reducing as much as possible the size of each file uploaded to your SharePoint server, MKZip for SharePoint enables to keep the size of your SharePoint SQL databases as small as possible.

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Cascading Benefits

Reducing the volume of each file uploaded to your SharePoint server delivers numerous cascading volume savings in the Recycle Bin, the second-stage Recycle Bin, the Office Web Apps cache and the SharePoint Server transaction logs.

Thanks to MKZip, the Recycle Bin, the second-stage Recycle Bin and the Office Web Apps cache can contain more files (or you can deliver the same level of service by reducing the amount of disk space allocated to the Recycle Bin, the second-stage Recycle Bin and the Office Web Apps cache) and the SharePoint transaction logs are made smaller.Top of page

Better SharePoint Server Response Time

Smaller SharePoint SQL databases means better SharePoint server performance. It takes less time and consumes less disk IOs to extract smaller files from smaller SharePoint SQL databases.

The fact that the SharePoint server consumes less IOs to extract the files frees IOs resources for the other tasks like serving the web content. So not only the SharePoint users doing file downloads benefit of MKZip for SharePoint but all the other SharePoint users do as well.

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SharePoint Network Traffic Reduction

Once a given file uploaded to your SharePoint server has been made for example 50% smaller by MKZip for SharePoint, downloading it will consume 50% less network bandwidth.

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2 Times (Or Even More) Faster File Downloads

Once a given file uploaded to your SharePoint server has been made 50% smaller by MKZip for SharePoint, downloading it will be two times faster.

Think about a 50 MB PPTX PowerPoint presentation (that is exactly the type of file for which MKZip for SharePoint XML optimization can deliver huge volume reduction well over 50%).

SharePoint users downloading files consuming less network bandwidth, the network is more available for all of the other SharePoint users browsing SharePoint web pages. (File downloads are known to slow down the interactive SharePoint traffic).

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Cost Reductions

SharePoint infrastructure and operating costs grow proportionally to the volume of data to handle.

By reducing the amount of your SharePoint data volume in significant proportions, MKZip for SharePoint helps keeping your SharePoint organization costs under tight control.

This is not only the SharePoint storage cost (although if you think about file versioning, clustered or mirrored database servers and backup storage, how many copies of a SharePoint file are really stored across your corporate SharePoint infrastructure?), not only the network bandwidth cost, but also the cost of keeping a user-acceptable level of performance for your SharePoint infrastructure.

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Preventing SharePoint User Frustration

If you do a Google search on "SharePoint slow", you get (October 2012) about 4,710,000 results.

Time lost by the SharePoint users waiting for too long for the SharePoint pages to display or for SharePoint files to download not only converts in a loss of productivity, but also, and this is probably a far more significant risk factor, in a progressive rejection of SharePoint because too slow, potentially ruining many years of investment in your corporate SharePoint infrastructure, projects and user education.

MKZip for SharePoint helps preventing this risk to occur in a very simple way:
No additional hardware to install, no SharePoint archi-tectural modification, and no user education required.

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Hosting More Users on Your SharePoint Servers

Each SharePoint user consuming less SharePoint and network resources, thanks to MKZip for SharePoint, you can host more users on your existing SharePoint infrastructures with no need for any hardware upgrade.

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Bullet Proof Software

The MKZip for SharePoint XML file (DOCX, PPTX, XLSX) optimization engine, image file optimization engine, Zip compression engine and PDF conversion engine are also used in our ZipMail product line for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes and Domino, Web mails like Google Gmail, Windows Live / Hotmail, Yahoo Mail etc.

We have several million ZipMail users all across the globe running ZipMail every day to optimize, convert and Zip- compress the files they attach to their emails.

This absolutely unique user base greatly helps us improving our solutions and delivering bullet proof software (and bullet proof setup packages as well).

More information about our ZipMail product line can be found on www.zipmail.com.

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Fast, Recurring and Growing Return On Investment

Not only MKZip for SharePoint pays for itself very fast, but it also delivers a very strong ROI that keeps recurring year after year.

Still better, if the yearly volume of SharePoint files uploaded on your SharePoint Servers grows in time (that is what is more likely to happen), the ROI delivered by MKZip for SharePoint will keep growing in the same proportion.

Contrary to any hardware investment in disk storage extension MKZip for SharePoint is never consumed:

If you look at your SharePoint budget, what you get when licensing MKZip for SharePoint (one time license fee), is a yearly percentage of reduction on the volume of the files uploaded to your SharePoint Servers (coming with all the attached benefits listed above).

So if the users of a given SharePoint server upload 20TB of files this year, you get a 50% reduction on 20 TB.

Next year if these users upload 30 TB, you will get a 50% reduction on 30 TB (50% more terabytes than this year), and so on, year after year.

At the opposite, if you purchase a 20 TB storage extension this year, it will be consumed at the end of the year. By next year, you will need to buy another 30 TB storage extension to cover your needs, and so on, not counting the hassles attached to having to deal with 50 TB instead of 25 TB.

If you have configured file versioning or installed clustered or mirrored SharePoint database servers and backup storage, the savings mentioned in the above example can easily double or triple.

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The Easiest "SharePoint Is Too Slow" Remedy

Smaller files, smaller SharePoint SQL databases, smaller transaction logs, means faster downloads and better SharePoint server processing and response times.

Remember that generally, more than 80% of your SharePoint storage is consumed by files. Reducing this amount of data by half or even more will significantly improve your SharePoint server performance as well as your SharePoint user experience.

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Try for Yourself!

MKZip for SharePoint is provided in a standard WSP package and takes only a few minutes to install and configure.

MKZip for SharePoint is up and running in no time and immediately starts delivering SharePoint volume reduction as soon it is installed.

Detailed log files as well as a real time monitor enable you to measure the amount of volume savings (per file as well as cumulated).

You can download a fully functional one-month MKZip for SharePoint evaluation copy so you can try it before you buy.

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