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Reduce the size of the files uploaded to your SharePoint Servers

MKZip for SharePoint installs and runs on your SharePoint Servers and reduces automatically the size of the files uploaded by your SharePoint users delivering the large benefit of 40% to 80% network bandwidth and storage volume savings.

MKZip for SharePoint includes the following file optimization, conversion and compression features:

  • Microsoft XML File Native Optimization
    for MS Office DOCX, PPTX and XLSX files
  • Picture File Native Optimization
    for JPG, GIF, PNG, EMF and BMP files
  • PDF Conversion
    for files that can be opened by MS Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Zip Compression
    for all types of files

MKZip for SharePoint operates transparently and automatically. SharePoint users have nothing special to do; they upload their files to the SharePoint server libraries as usual.

The SharePoint Administrator defines the behavior of MKZip for SharePoint (for example to perform XML optimization for some SharePoint sites or libraries and PDF conversion or Zip compression for others).

MKZip for SharePoint either optimizes, converts or Zip-compresses the files being uploaded by the SharePoint users in real time, before to store them in the target libraries.

As soon as MKZip for SharePoint is installed (takes only a few minutes), it starts delivering 40% to 80% (or even more on some files) volume savings on the files uploaded to your SharePoint server.

MKZip for Sharepoint Features